Inhabitr Establishes Presence in the Middle East with AI-Powered Furnishing Solutions

Inhabitr Spotlight - 05/20/2024

Exciting news! Inhabitr is expanding into the thriving Middle East market, with new offices and state-of-the-art design studios opening in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This reflects our strong commitment to bringing our AI-powered furnishing solution to the global commercial real estate industry. With Inhabitr, clients receive a comprehensive FF&E (Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment) solution […]

Hamilton Ventures’ Investment In Inhabitr: Noting Appreciation

Inhabitr Spotlight - 06/06/2023

At Inhabitr, we’re thrilled to have investment partners like Hamilton Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in the property technology space. Their partnership validates and helps fuel our vision to transform the furniture industry, from inspiration to installation. Hamilton Ventures writes about their decision to invest in Inhabitr here, recognizing our company’s potential to help […]

How Inhabitr Provides Sustainable & Affordable Furniture

Inhabitr Spotlight - 04/20/2022

Inhabitr was recently mentioned in Apartment Therapy, a lifestyle blogs and publishing company that focuses on home design & décor. They shed light on our initiative of keeping furniture out of the landfills & adopting a sustainable approach by using our furniture cloud. Inhabitat, a blog that speaks often about the importance of a green […]

Inhabitr Reviews: What Customers Say About Inhabitr Furniture Rental

Inhabitr Spotlight - 04/08/2022

Since it was formed in 2018 Inhabitr has come a long way, providing hassle-free furniture to thousands of customers. We allow customers the option to rent, rent-to-own, buy new, or buy used furniture, and we operate in 10 cities and their surrounding suburbs! We try to make furniture as easy as possible, trying to provide […]

Client Showcase: How Inhabitr Transformed Former ABC News Anchor Adrienne Bankert’s Space

Inhabitr Spotlight - 02/18/2022

Inhabitr prides itself on turning houses into homes. Working with the goal of making the furnishing process more flexible and hassle-free, we set up our customers’ spaces in a way that’s convenient, effective, and cost-friendly. Recently, Inhabitr worked with Adrienne Bankert to furnish her apartment. This was exciting: Adrienne Bankert is an award-winning journalist, author, […]

Why Inhabitr’s DC Furniture Rental Service is a Great Choice

Inhabitr Spotlight - 01/27/2022

If you’re looking for temporary furniture rental in the DC Metro Area, Inhabitr Furniture Rental DC might be the answer for you. Whether you’re a student, a realtor, someone who moves often, or just someone who wants to furnish their space without spending too much at one go, our home and apartment furniture rental packages […]

What Customers Love about Inhabitr Furniture Rental

Inhabitr Spotlight - 04/08/2021

Furniture completes a home. The right furniture makes your space look vibrant and beautiful. Inhabitr as a brand always strives to provide quality furniture at affordable prices.Here are the top 4 reasons that customers love Inhabitr. Flexibility is the most important aspect of Inhabitr. As a customer, you can rent furniture for anywhere ranging between […]

Craigslist Used Furniture vs. Inhabitr Used Furniture Rental

Inhabitr Spotlight - 03/12/2021

Since their inception, Craigslist (cl) has been used by plenty of local sellers looking to get rid of their old stuff while recuperating some of their initial investment. Being that Craigslist is one of the top websites for people to buy used furniture, we decided to take a look at some of the differences between […]

Rent to Own Furniture vs. Rent now Buy Later Furniture

Inhabitr Spotlight - 02/16/2021

Setting up your new place can be a tall task, no doubt. Finding the perfect furniture for your space can sometimes be even more stressful. The right furniture will make your space look like never before, absolutely stunning & stylish.  There are a growing number of furniture shops moving online, which makes the hassle of […]

15 Reasons Inhabitr is the Furniture Rental Service for you

Inhabitr Spotlight - 02/08/2021

Furniture plays an important role in turning a space into a home. Your furniture is an extension of your tastes, and choosing the right furniture makes the entire place uniquely yours. Now more than ever, people are realizing that as circumstances change, so does what makes up the “right furniture”, and this leads them to […]

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